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Before you buy our products, we provide various kinds of service, such as sample information, market investigation, custom made product information, processing and consulting. In addition, order via telephone, delivery and convenient financial services are also available. Our product is small machine with pretty high cost, so the sample charge depends on the product model, and you need to afford the freight.

Our company has gained great reputation and we have set up a sales team with enthusiastic and patient service staff, and your questions about our product will be solved as soon as possible. In addition, the easy wearing parts are suitably supplied due to the high cost of the machine. Meanwhile, the date of delivery counts from the day of receiving order, and it relies on the specific situation.

The period of warranty is one year, and three guarantees (repair, replacement, and compensation of faulty products) are available. We will install and test the product for you, and the components for repair and maintenance are also supplied. Furthermore, technical guidance about the operation is provided according to your request, and your letters will be responded to solve your problems as well. Your advice about our product is highly appreciated, and we would like to improve our product and make it perfect for you.

To better meet your needs, our company provides design, customization, installation, training and other services. In addition, OEM is available, and our own technique is combined with other products manufactured in OEM mode, and the specific solution for every customer is provided. In this way, our technology is developed, and the customers could get better service as well.

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